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Being a Member or Trustee

Foodbank’s TRUSTEES

As a registered charity, the Foodbank has to have a formal organisation behind it. This involves trustees and members. 


Trustees have the main responsibility for the running of the charity through the board.

Here is a quick overview of what the Trustees do and the qualities and skills they bring to the Board.





  • They ensure that the Foodbank complies with the laws and regulations required of a Scottish Charity. These are laid out in the Foodbank’s Constitution.
  •  They ensure that the Foodbank keeps to its purpose of providing emergency food to those in crisis in the Kirkcaldy area.
  • They meet regularly to review what is working well and how the Foodbank’s operations can be improved upon to better help those in food crisis.
  • They work to ensure the financial stability of the Foodbank.
  • Where possible they work with other agencies and projects in the Kirkcaldy area to meet the Foodbank’s objective of providing emergency food to those in need.




What qualities they possess.


  • They need to be committed to the work of the Foodbank.
  • They need to devote sufficient time and effort to this work.
  • They need to be good at seeing and planning the best way forward for the Foodbank.
  • They need practical common sense when helping to make decisions on behalf of the Foodbank.
  • They need to be good at working as part of a team as well as being willing to express their opinion on behalf of the Foodbank.
  • They need to understand and accept the legal duties and responsibilities of being a Trustee as they are laid out in the Foodbank’s Constitution.
  • They need to have a generous spirit, a real concern for others, honesty, integrity, a willingness to take responsibility and to be accountable for their actions on behalf of the foodbank.


Foodbank MEMBERS

Members also have a part to play, principally through being able to vote on matters at our AGM and any one-off general meetings that are held.

Members can also be involved in sub-groups set up by the board of trustees to carry out specific work on behalf of the Foodbank.

More details can be found in the Foodbank's formal constitution.

 Kirkcaldy Foodbank is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), Scottish Charity number:SC044446 
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