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Myth Busters

Here are some common misconceptions surrounding Foodbanks and our responses to them.


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Myths Busted

1. drug and alcohol users use the Foodbank so they can have extra money to support their lifestyle

2. People will continually use the Foodbank so they can spend their money on other things

3. No-one should need to use a Foodbank, everyone is entitled to Benefits if they don’t work

4. It’s only people on Benefits who use Foodbanks

5. It’s all single adults using the service

6. People just turn up at Foodbanks and expect Food

7. Any old food can be donated to the Foodbank and they can use it

8. The Foodbank gets lots of donations so mine doesn’t matter

9. The Foodbank is funded by Government / Councils / other statutory bodies

 Kirkcaldy Foodbank is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), Scottish Charity number:SC044446 
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